People Skills Circuit Training

A 90 day, interactive eCourse focusing on people skills for leaders.

eCourse Contributors:

Karen Alber - former CIO for MillerCoors & HJ Heinz

Dr. Paul White - Co-author of The 5 Languages of Appreciation at Work

Amy Ruppert - Master Certified Coach and pioneering leader in the professional coaching industry. 

People Skills for Leaders

The Integreship Group


Think of this 90 day program as a leader’s gym where rising leaders can strengthen their people skills, stretch their confidence muscles and have their own personal trainer and coach to mentor and support them in defining, building and being a leader others will want to follow.

Designed for busy people, this program is completely on-demand and can be done on your time schedule. It’s designed to give you a blended learning experience which includes 12 micro-courses, one for each week requiring an average of 30 minutes of your time, and includes a mix of the following:

  • Short interactive videos
  • On-line, cloud-based video exchanges with your own mentor who is also a seasoned leader. You’ll get coaching and feedback and an accountability partner until you complete the course.
  • Brief assessments and quizzes
  • eBooks which are targeted and brief
  • Fieldwork to transfer learning into your daily interactions